Decorating your personal space, be it at home or at the office, with imagery that tells a story has grown to become the new norm. 

With my newly set-up print shop, I hope to open up for people to decorate their spaces with prints that show the natural world at its' finest.

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Resort Photography

As a resort photographer I work with a mindset toward highlighting a resorts atmosphere in combination with  visual storytelling. I focus both on the unique architectural features of a place, as well as the lifestyle associated with it.

Making sure to create content that will allow the brand to gain attention in today's digital world.  



"I worked with Kris for a photo shoot in Kuno Villas. He took pictures of our main hotel + the rooms. The pictures were quickly provided and of great quality. I love how he added the personal aspect in the pictures, they will work great on our professional channels."


Esther Schotanus

Operational Manager 

Kuno Villas


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Brand Photography

Incorporating both lifestyle and studio into my brand photography, allows me to create eye-catching content for social media platforms, as well as images that suit marketing channels such as websites and magazines.  

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Life under

the surface

There are few things more incredible than getting the chance to experience nature up close. Add in the sheer beauty of the many colors of the reef, and the experience is lifted beyond imagination.

Welcome to my underwater photography gallery.